The EZ Gains Ambassadors

Ben Goodfellow - Pro

Living: North Wales

Background: As a child, Ben swam for a local swimming club and also mountain biked around the woods with some friends. Moving into his teens, he dropped all sports and started gaming. In his own words “a little too much". During his final year of university, he made the decision to get more active again & joining the local triathlon club seemed the best way. Since this decision, he has 6 years of consistent & focused training. His abilities and results have progressed year after year. Despite working a full-time job as a Manufacturing Engineer. Ben will be taking the step up to racing in the Professional ranks in 2023.

With his engineering background, Ben knows the importance of seeking every marginal gain possible. This is what lead to him using our Aero Chainring Cover, which smooths the airflow around the cranks leading to reduced aero drag.  

Results highlights in 2022:

M25-29 Ironman 70.3 World Champion

Overall Amateur Middle Distance Duathlon World & European Champion

Ironman 70.3 Stafford Winner

Ironman 70.3 Swansea Age group winner


Olivia Mitchell - Pro

Olivia Mitchell or Libs as she is known by her friends, is a professional triathlete specialising in middle distance. She has recently relocated to the athlete hub that is Girona in Northern Spain. She lives with her husband and sausage dog - Ralph, who both assist with training although Ralph takes a much more active role in the recovery part! Olivia has been involved in elite triathlon for the past 5 years, having won the elite British Super Series title in 2019 and finishing 6th at the elite Duathlon World Champs. She then moved to middle distance and in her first pro year (2022) finished 19th at the 70.3 World Champs and had 2 top 5 finishes at IronMan 70.3's. 

She says "I am super happy to be using the EZGains products, the disc cover was a perfect option for me because of its adaptability. I ride 650b wheels on my time trial bike, which is fairly unusual so the EZDisc was a great solution. I have found it super easy to use, I can put it on and take it off depending on the profile of the course and just generally love racing with it! Thanks, EZGains!”


Donald Brooks

Based in the Southwest, Donald comes from a background in competitive swimming and Underwater Hockey (Octopush) which, over a 20-year period, saw him competing at an international level at multiple European and World championships within the GB Elite and Masters Teams.

In 2014 at the age of 37, Donald fancied a new challenge and decided to try his hand at triathlon. He entered a local event and came a respectable 14th and was hooked. He has been racing triathlon and multisport events ever since, solidifying himself as one of the very best age-group athletes in the world across multiple distances.

In 2022 Donald won all five British Championship age group titles, gaining recognition from British Triathlon as they do not believe this has ever been accomplished before. Donald also won his age group at 2 x world championships and 2 x European championships. He has also had overall wins at Ironman 70.3 Weymouth and the Long Course Weekend in Tenby over the full Ironman distance, taking the course record in the process. He also raced a sub 4 hour 70.3 at the Outlaw half Nottingham in 3:56:45. Donald has shown his versatility by securing the overall race wins at every distance from Super Sprint to full Ironman at National and International level events during the 2022 season, he does this while balancing his training and racing along with a full-time job in the electrical industry and help from a supportive wife and two young boys.

Donald puts some of his success down to his strong bike leg where he uses both his EZ Chainring cover and EZ Disc Wheel Cover to achieve those aerodynamic gains.


Grant Johnson

About me:

Based in a cul-de-sac of the south Lake District, UK, I live with my wife, Amy, who is about to give birth to our first child!

Day to day I am manager of an offshore windfarm control room, operating windfarms right across Europe.

I grew up playing football at a competitive level locally albeit only started individual sports when my wife was ill with kidney disease and was awaiting a kidney transplant. It was 2014/15 and I wanted to challenge myself with an array of running challenges in order to raise awareness and money for Kidney Research.

I discovered a natural talent for endurance sport and went on to win or podium many of the events I entered and being very competitive at Marathon distance. I grew an addiction to training and becoming a better me, every day. Unfortunately, I went through several health issues and injuries myself but took on a lot of lessons learnt – the hard way! But decided to take several years out of competition and serious training to get married and focus on my career.

The pandemic, and unhealthy habits led me in 2021 to grow hungry again for new challenges. I wanted to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone and so in 2022 set myself the challenge to complete a full Ironman, despite not being able to swim!

I took to cycling and swimming fairly well, then 9 months later I completed Ironman UK and Outlaw Nottingham 70.3 in the build-up, with help of an EZ Disc (of course) and despite my body breaking down and walking most of the marathon, I qualified for Kona, World Ironman Championships. I had to accept the invitation because I knew I had so much more to give! Things went much better in Kona, which has motivated me more so to keep seeking what I am capable of. I know I have a better marathon off the bike in me at least – watch this space! 😉

 Key Achievements to date:

  • 2015 UK U23 faster marathon of the year (2.31 – Manchester Marathon)
  • 2015 Brathay Windermere Marathon winner
  • 2016 London Marathon, 25th Age-grouper – 2hrs25min
  • 2022 Ironman World Championships, Kona (9hrs 3 min)

 Why I like EZ Disc:

Being new to the sport, I was instantly astounded by the cost of equipment, race entries and travel involved. I however also understood that at the pointy end of the field, the gains which can be achieved through equipment choice are not to be dismissed. EZGains provided me the platform to access some of these gains at a reduced cost. The products are also of such a high quality and thus built to last. I don’t think I ever need to invest in a real disc wheel!

In the lead up to becoming an ambassador I’ve also managed to understand the brand and the team much more and all I can say is, the team behind the scenes cannot do enough for you and are in this because they love the sport and want to see people succeed.


Ben Redman

I came into triathlon on the back of having been rowing for roughly 12 years. Towards the end of that I was racing as a lightweight. I represented both Wales and England (I'm half Welsh, half English), won age group World Championships and national age group Championships both indoors and on the water.

I tried triathlon and time trial cycling and liked the complexity of both the training and racing, and the better age group system. 

Qualified for the age group Duathlon World Championships in my second race and eventually learnt to swim reasonably well - I really liked seeing my progression which is something I really hadn't seen in rowing for a long time.

I was the British Champion in the standard distance triathlon and English sprint distance Champion in 2019 in my age category. I was also 2nd in European Aquabike Championships in 2018 in my age group. 

I'm a better cyclist than anything else on triathlon and have done a 10 mile time trial under 20 minutes. 

The British time trial scene is quite fun with a lot of innovation and people trying all sorts to improve their aerodynamics, although it's a bit more limited than triathlon in terms of what the regulations allow. I have learnt a lot about what's important to go fast from it.

It can get costly, so it's important to balance speed gains against cost to make the most of what you're willing to spend on a hobby. That's where I think the EZGains products are brilliant; they are right up there as the best watts per pound/dollar that I think you can get.


Rosie Weston - Pro

I’m Rosie, a 24 year old professional long distance triathlete training out of Loughborough. I achieved my professional license at Outlaw Holkham in 2021 and raced my first year as a pro in 2022 with two of my best races being Ironman Gdynia placing 6th and Challenge Gdansk placing 5th. I am currently placed 142nd in the PTO and have a swim rank of 19th which I am aiming to improve in 2023. In 2021 within 2 weeks, I managed to gain the titles of overall Ironman Weymouth age group female winner and overall European Standard Distance Age Group female champion. I have been doing triathlon since 2013 and within that time I have raced within age group sprint and standard races, alongside racing in the British Super Series draft legal races as a junior before focusing on middle distance. 

I have an affinity for EZGains products as I was racing on my boyfriend’s EZ Disc when I was able to get my pro license. The added speed from the EZ Disc meant I was able to get within the 4% of the winning pro time to gain my license. EZGains are such affordable products with amazing innovation behind them with the main aim being clear, to get faster. Clint has been one of the most supportive sponsors possible and the whole team have been amazing to work with.


Pierre Agnoletti

I'm a very simple guy, I'm 22 and I love training hard to be the best version of myself. Mainly I'm a triathlete with a very good skill in cycling and my favourite distance is 70.3 Ironman's. 

I especially love to spread my love for the sport through Instagram and that's where I first met EZGains. 

I love using EZGains products because they really make the difference, especially for a student athlete like myself as the benefit for the price is unbelievable. Also, I have to mention that working with EZGains really motivates me to create new content and also makes me feel supported from someone that now I see as a friend.