Global Operation's, Rules and Special Projects. Confirmed the EZ Disc is allowed.

Disc Wheel Covers

Here is the ruling confirmation as written in the IRONMAN rulebook:

"tion 5.02 EQUIPMENT
(a) Wheels
(i) The front wheel must be of spoke construction (aero rim with spokes is
permitted) and must not be solid; (DSQ)
(ii) The rear wheel may be either spoke or solid construction (disc wheel). Wheel
covers are permitted only on the rear wheel. For reasons of safety, solid (disc)
rear wheels are prohibited at the IRONMAN World Championship; (D

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Wheel covers are allowed".





Global Operations, Rules and Special Projects

IRONMAN RULES Chainring Guard & Derailleur Guard

Just to confirm that, since the new rules have come into force we have had no issues with
the Chainring Guard 3-5
Watts saving and Front derailleur guard 2-5.8 Watts saving and we have not received any
negative feedback from any athletes competing and no issues with the officials. 

We have since been in talks with a head
official at Ironman and he does not have an issue with the chainring guard
after talking with World of Triathlon, the front derailleur guard will have to
go to committee and the worst case scenario is they ask for a 3 year phase out
period, as the products we offer follow ISO accreditations and have already
been on the market prior to new rules and are deemed as a safe product and
commercially available from a reputable company.

The discussion I had with the head official, lead me to
believe they are trying to eradicate unsafe home-made products and unsafe
cheaply made products by non ISO accredited companies please see…

 (g) All
aspects of the bicycle must be safe to the rider and to other athletes in the
Race. Minimum safety standards include, but are not limited to, meeting or
exceeding the standards of a reputable safety standards organization (such as
CPSC, ISO, or other equally reputable safety standards organizations), properly
glued and sealed tires, tight headset and handlebars, and true wheels; and (h)
Non-traditional or unusual bikes or equipment are illegal unless, prior to the
start of the Race, approval has been granted from the Event-specific Head
Referee. (DSQ)

Triathlon (formerly ITU) writes rules regarding equipment legality and
therefore is the only entity who can declare equipment legal for use in all
sanctioned triathlons. The IRONMAN Competition rules are based on the World
Triathlon rules and I have always deferred to World Triathlon for equipment
legality questions when uncertain about the legality of equipment. Because
equipment is evolving quickly and there is currently no list of equipment that
is legal for use in triathlon, game-day decisions on equipment used in
triathlon events, including IRONMAN events, may need to be made by the event’s
Head Referee. If any athlete questions the decision of an IRONMAN Head Referee,
they can call me to provide background and I can chime in with input/feedback.
However, in the case that the Head Referee is not able to get an answer from
World Triathlon before the event start, the ultimate decision is theirs to
make. In my opinion, based in part with a conversation I had with World
Triathlon (who, while not providing formal approval, did show concern for this
piece of equipment during the conversation) – I see no issue with the EZ Gains
chainring guard and consider it to fall within current rules. However, I did
not hear comments from World Triathlon regarding the EZ Gains front derailleur
cover. Therefore, because my opinion on this equipment is uncertain, I
personally feel that some referees MAY feel that the front derailleur cover is
in violation of the fairing rule. Therefore, I doubt that you will have an
issue with the front chainring cover, but you MAY get questioned about the
front derailleur cover. If you are questioned about the front chainring cover,
feel free to call me I will share my opinion with the event’s Head Referee,
that it is legal, and encourage them to speak to World Triathlon if they still
have concerns. If you are questioned about the front derailleur cover, give me
a call and I will encourage the event’s Head Referee to ask World Triathlon
whether or not they deem it legal. Give me a ring if you want and have a great




RICCITELLO Global Operations, Rules and Special Projects


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5 Year Guarantee

The EZ Disc, Aero Chainring Guard and Front Derailleur Guard all come with a 5 year guarantee - warrants to the original end user customer of it's Products that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Supplier warrants to the original end user of its Products that Products that are damaged during use will be replaced. Supplier will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by Supplier on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished to be functionally equivalent to new. If Supplier is unable to repair or replace the product, it will refund the current value of the product at the time the warranty claim is made. This limited lifetime warranty does not cover any damage to any Product that results from improper installation, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, repair, or modification. This limited lifetime warranty does not apply to improper installations of Products that result in peeling or bubbling of Products. This limited lifetime warranty does not apply to any Products on which the original identification information has been altered, obliterated or removed, has not been handled or packaged correctly, has been sold as second-hand or has been resold contrary to applicable law. This limited lifetime warranty covers only repair, replacement or refund for defective Products or for Products that are damaged during use. Supplier is not liable for, and does not cover under warranty, any costs associated with removing or installing Supplier’s Products. Licensee/Reseller shall obtain Proof of purchase from the original end user in order to request warranty service. Licensee/Reseller shall have no claim for warranty service without Proof of Purchase from the original end user. Supplier reserves the right to change the terms of the limited lifetime warranty at any time and without prior notice.

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What bikes/ bike wheels are the disc covers compatible with?

The disc covers are compatible with the majority of road and time trial recumbent handcycle single speed track bikes with 406 650 – 700c wheels.

RULES ON EZ Disc Covers / Chainring Guards / Front Derailleur Guard



14. Competitor's Machine
Every competitor must ensure that their machine is so constructed, equipped and maintained as to be capable of being ridden on the road safely at all times and in all conditions. The riding position shall be set so that the competitor has good forward vision when in a competitive position. In particular but without prejudice to the general principles of this regulation:

(f) Disc wheels or spoked wheels fitted with covers may be used only on the rear of a machine.


The EZ Disc is now being use in all divisions of cycle and is accepted add-on.

Chainring Guard:

The EZ Chainring Guard is now being used across all division's of cycling from CTT, ETU, Ironman and world triathlon ITU.

The chainring guard has been used in many UCI races but no official stamp has been made.

Front Derailleur Guard:

This has been used in World Triathlon ITU, Ironman, ETU,CTT events and inspected by officials at the events.

Racing Rules

It terms of legality for racing, there are various rules for different racing associations, and most require some interpretation. This gadget is aimed at time trial bikes, so I’m focusing on events where you might use one.

British Triathlon and World Triathlon only do not allow fairings for Elite, U23, Junior and Youth draft legal racing, or para triathlon cycling. They are legal for age group racing, either draft legal or non drafting.

British Cycling Time Trial Association

  1. (h) The use of recumbent machines, protective shields or windbreaks is prohibited.

I believe this to refer to this kind of shield or windbreak:

And really to avoid this kind of “bike”:

If it did refer to minor additions to the frame to adjust the aerodynamics, such as taping over bolt holes, I don’t think I’ve seen many bikes at time trials that would pass this rule. My bike (a Boardman TTE) comes with a screw on protective piece of plastic which covers the area in the frame where the Di2 junction box resides – this seems very similar and there is no way I’d race without that on, or be expected to! This type of bike used to be regularly ridden at UCI events without issue.

The EZ Aero Front Dérailleur Guard is bolted onto the frame in a similar manner for similar purposes.

Similar to this the CTTA rules are the Ironman rules:
5.03 (b) Fairings are prohibited. Any device added or blended into the structure that may decrease, or that has the effect of decreasing, resistance to air penetration, or that may artificially accelerate propulsion, such as a protective screen, fuselage form fairing or the like, is prohibited.

The interpretation of this seems to be very relaxed. Probably because as if you got rid of any device which has the effect of reducing resistance you’d not be allowed aerodynamic bike computers or lights. Let alone Ceramic Speed’s OPSW aero rear dérailleur, which we’ve seen on Pro’s bikes at the World Championships. There is an argument that it’s a structural part of the rear dérailleur, but this rule doesn’t specify anything about that.

USA Triathlon has this rule:
5.11 (e) There must be no protective shield, fairing, or other device on any part of the bicycle (including frame, wheels, handlebars, chain wheel, and accessories) which has the effect of reducing resistance.
Note there is an exception for wheel covers on the rear wheel.

Again, the interpretation of this seems to be relaxed; see the point about aerodynamic bike computers or lights.
It also has this rule:
(f) No additional equipment, whether it is worn under the competitor’s clothing, over the competitors clothing, or is otherwise attached to the athlete’s body, which has the effect of reducing wind resistance is permitted.
But I think you still see people with bottles placed under their tops etc.

UCI Time Trials
The UCI does not take a relaxed interpretation of its rules. I would not recommend attempting to use this item at a UCI event. I’d expect most people taking these seriously are running a single front chainring anyway.


Save 3 minutes and hit that PB!

Check out or EZ Disc & Aero Chainring Guard Gallery https://ezgains.co.uk/blogs/gallery

EZ Gains Rear Wheel Disc Cover & Aero Chainring Cover:

One of the first areas riders look to upgrade for aerodynamic improvements are their wheels.

In time-trial and triathlon racing, many people equip their bikes with an EZDisc or a full rear disc wheel. These wheels stop the air from getting caught in the rear wheel, keeping the drag as low as possible. On windy days, an EZDisc will create a sail effect, pushing the rider along even faster.

A rear disc wheel alone can cost anywhere from (£1,000 to £4,000), this price barrier is the reason we created the EZDisc.

We’ve carried out extensive wind tunnel testing, with our latest test runs happening on January 31st 2023. This was with independent engineers at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub.
"Check out the science page on our website" – link to website

EZGains have validated that an EZDisc + a “standard” rear wheel can save you 2-3 minutes over a 90k ride. This is across 7 different yaw angles at 40 - 50Kph. This is comparable to the savings from a top end £2,500 disc wheel.

There are now over 5,000 EZ Riders now benefitting from our products.

EZ Gains also manufactures the Carbon Aero Chainring Cover. This will save you around 50 seconds (3-5 Watts) over 90k and has been fully aero tested at Silverstone to.

"Gains without the Cost"

Measure my rim depth

Please measure the full depth of the rim, this is from the top to the bottom excluding the tyre, towards the centre of the wheel were it meets the spokes, includes the brake track.

Truths and Facts

1) You will go faster using an EZ Disc regardless of speed as long as you cycle over 25kph. If you take longer to cycle a distance an EZ Disc will save more time then someone doing it faster.

2) EZ Disc adds to the structure of the your wheel giving you more stability and adds to your road handling ability.

3) In windy conditions an EZ Disc does not feel any worse to control then a deep section wheel. In fact the reports I have had back, again say this has added to the stability of the bike @that.tri.guy and many others have reported this.

4) The difference between a disc wheel and an EZ Disc is a matter of seconds over 40k.....But using a cheap disc wheel with a cheap hub, will be slower then using an EZ Disc with a wheel and decent hub.

5) Very EZ to install and very robust unlike a disc wheel.

6) EZ Discs are legal for Cycling Time Trials and Triathlon.


How much extra speed can I expect from an EZ Disc ?

The aero testing shows an increase of:

– 1:00 to 1:30 minutes over 40km
– 2:30 to 3:00 minutes over 90km
– 5:00 to 6:00 minutes over 180km

Roughly an increase of 1 kph

Vist The Science page for our wind tunnel results Testimonials for more reviews, and see our facebook group chat for real chat from our users.

How much extra speed can I expect from an EZ Areo Chainring Guard?

EZ Aero Chainring Cover 

Smooth the airflow through your chainring for EZ aerodynamic gains.

Custom engineered to fit all chainring sizes, crankset arms, and power meters.

  • Save 2-5 Watts
  • Full Carbon
  • Weight 42 Grams (with tape)
  • Aerodynamic Performance Tested at the Silverstone Wind Tunnel
  • Hand Made and Moulded in the UK

Check out our science page.

What happens if the disc does not fit or I am not satisfied?

Please contact us, we'll help.

Would I need to take the disc cover off?

Some people would suggest to remove a disc wheel or disc covers in windy conditions, however the wind actually increases the effect of the disc and therefore your speed. So we would say, never take it off and practice in the wind.

In windy conditions an EZ Disc does not feel any worse to control then a deep section wheel. In fact the reports I have had back, again say this has added to the stability of the bike @that.tri.guy and many others have reported this.

What's the difference between the EZDisc and EZDisc SL?

This product has been wind tunnel tested at (Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub) and is as fast as a top end disc wheel. The EZDisc has all the aero benefits of the EZDisc SL its just 1/3 heavier on average around 200g. - please see science page

What is in the pack?

Everything you need to set up your EZDisc:

– Disc Covers
– Binding screws
– Cable ties
– Electrical tape
– Valve covers

Why do I need rim tape?

Rim tape (electrical tape) can be put between where you wheel meets the disc cover. This helps to protect from any marks being formed due to the friction between the wheel and disc cover.
Simply put a pencil line around the disc on the wheel and overlap your rim tape (electrical tape) on this line.

Please look at instructions

Should I use tape around the edge of the disc cover?

This is not strictly needed but is believed may give you an extra marginal gain.

You can use the rim tape around the wheel to protect it, or you can use the electric tape and use the rim tape supplied for the outside.

An easy way to apply the rim tape or electrical tape is place the EZ Cover on the wheel in a central position and draw round this with a pencil and then overlap this line with the tape or rim tape by about 3-5mm to protect the wheel.

Should I use tape dots on the binding screws?

Again, this is not strictly needed but is believed may give you an extra marginal gain, but can help hold your screws in place - please look at fitting instructions.

What length binding screws do I need? and what if I have the wrong length?

The binding screws should pinch the disc tight against the wheel, but not pull the disc in.

If you feel you could use a shorter or longer binding screw, please contact me and I will send some out.

What tools are needed to install?

Chain whip and a cassette remover only. If you have a wheel with disc brakes, you will also need to remove the disc calliper which is usually removed using a cassette remover.

Please refer to our detailed Fitting Instructions for each of our products via the top menu.

Can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for?

Please email customerservice@ezgains.co.uk also use the shop chat.

Try asking in our EZ Gains Facebook chat group and put your question to the people who have tried and tested our EZDisc disc covers.