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EZ Gains Rear Wheel Disc Cover and Chain Ring Cover Rear Wheel Disc Cover:
One of the first areas riders look to upgrade for aero improvements are their wheels. In time-trial and triathlon racing, many people equip their bikes with a completely covered rear wheel or a full rear disc wheel. This blocks all air from getting caught in the rear wheel and keeps it moving past quickly. On windy days, the disc may also create a sail effect, pushing the rider even faster. But bolting one of these on is not cheap. Just that rear wheel alone can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 USD. 

To make this rear wheel advantage more accessible to the masses, the team at EZ Gains has created an elegant solution to this problem. They’ve developed a simple cover made of durable and lightweight material that slips over your existing wheel, connecting securely and creating the SAME aero gains as if you purchased a fancy rear wheel. In fact, some testing suggests that depending on the wheel you install it on, the cover may perform better than a full disc wheel due to the fact of what quality hub you have, cheap disc wheel or old one often means cheap or poor-quality hub, this means if you already have a good quality wheel and add the EZ Disc this can enhance your gains, as the aero gains between and Disc and EZ Disc identical.

Testing this out ourselves, we found that installation was quite simple and could be done at home with the appropriate tools (most will need a lock ring tool). Once on the bike, the feel and performance was evident. It really showed its stuff on those fast descents, capturing an extra mile or two per hour in comparison to our 80mm deep section rear wheel. 

The price point is one tenth the cost of purchasing a full disc wheel, starting under $200 USD yet provides nearly identical time savings (3+ minutes over 180k distance). 

Chain Ring Cover:
EZ Gainz has also addressed another area of the bike that can slow you down, the chain ring. Just like with your wheels, air can get caught in the open space in your chain ring resulting in drag, so they created a simple, cost-efficient carbon fibre cover that slips over most setups. 

Simply pop off your pedal, peel off the double-sided tape, pop it on and you are good to go. 

I really like my EZ Disc, it makes me go faster – Ben Capper

Tested out my new disc cover today. Well happy with it. Can’t give you any time savings data until TT’s next spring. Don’t know whether it’s as good as a disc wheel but it’s a fraction of the price and certainly looks and feels quicker than my zipp 808 without it 
– Giles Heaman

My new EZ Disc covers, fantastic solid covers saved a fortune not paying for a disc wheel, light and robust, can be purchased from Clinton Butcher – Ken Howarth

“After a last minute test on Wednesday night I was all set. Gears quite, gold chain on, Ez disc fitted!
The course of choice was the p164, a sporting route full of ups and downs, that finishes with a long drag uphill.
So was the EZ disc the right choice?
Yes! This week was not a fast one with 10km of head wind and no direct tail wind. But with my Ez disc on for the first time I managed a 15-20 second PB!
As soon as the bike hit the flat it felt mighty, cruising in the 40s (kph).
True the disc added weight and made the bike less nimble but that made it really nice and stable to climb in the TT bars.
Its not like any other disc wheel covers either, its stiff and strong, doesn’t rattle or flex.
What it is, is an opportunity to speed your TT bike up for not very much cash. Or for anyone that wants a disc to save some cash to speed your bike up in other places, like a better skin suit or an aero bike fit.
So in short, after no session I got a PB on a slow day with the only difference being the cover. Now I think its faster but before I do make any claims I will be doing some testing.” –  Oli Hawkins, a rising star in UK Triathlon