Daniel Evans

Born and bred in Swansea with a brief 9-year stint in the military. No sporting background in relation to Triathlon. I was overweight post leaving the military and a friend challenged me to a race. It pretty much stemmed from there back in 2016 with Swansea Sprint Triathlon. 2017 saw me swiftly moving though the distances opening with a super sprint ending the season with Ironman Wales - daylight finish 12hr26mins. Things then started getting serious, peppered a few local race podiums, qualified for European and World level entries for Team GB Age Group (AG). Most recently qualifying for Ironman KONA back at Ironman Wales where it all began along with Ibiza World Long course for team GB AG team.


Why I like the products:-

You are effectively getting 2 wheels with an EZ Cover. Your standard deep section rim, then the cover which transforms the wheel into a disc. The benefits of having a cover 1) You get the aero gains of a disc without the mental prices they command. 2) If at short notice your race director decrees no discs - 20 mins and you are back to your deep section rim no stress and your race is still on.

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Gains Without The Cost

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