Peter Douglas
Started cycling back in 2012. In the preceding year, took up British Cycling crit and road racing, representing a local club in Somerset. I went to University of Southampton in 2015, where cycling and racing went on the backburner, and due to little success racing, lost interest in competing. In the winter of 2018, I took up running and realised that I this was something I greatly enjoyed, but didn't want to stop cycling, and decided to train to become a Duathlete. My then Personal Trainer gave me a new training plan, with the aim of qualifying for the 2020 World and European Standard Duathlon Championships. After injury in early 2019, I qualified for both events, however, I couldn't compete (Covid). During the pandemic, my focused shifted to aspire to become an Elite Powerman Middle distance Duathlete, and started being coached by Phil Wylie in the summer of 2021. 
Main achievements include:Cardiff Duathlon Winner (2022), Par Duathlon Winner (2022), 3rd Age-Group placing at Clumber Park standard duathlon (2019), 2021 Mallory Park Age-Group Celebration Cup Sprint Duathlon (draft illegal) winner, Conquer the Chilterns sprint duathlon winner (2021).
I love using EZ Gains products because of the simple effectiveness they offer! A major gain, not costing the Earth (literally) for a fraction of the cost of other products on the market. The ease of use (especially the disc cover) means that on any occasion where race organisers don't allow discs, it's a simple matter of removal. EZ Gains products are slick and progressive, and means athletes can greatly improve their race times without the need for leading-edge kit.
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