EZ Aero Chainring Guard

"The tests were conducted by Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub's independent engineers"
EZGains has also addressed another area of the bike that can slow you down, the chainring. Just like with your wheels, air can get caught in the open space in your chain ring resulting in drag so they created a simple, cost-efficient carbon fibre cover that slips over most setups. Simply pop off your pedal, peel off the double-sided tape, pop it on and you are good to go. 
EZ Aero Chainring Guard
Smooth the airflow through your chainring for EZ aerodynamic gains.
Custom engineered to fit all chainring sizes, crankset arms, and power meters.
  • Save 2-5 Watts
  • Full Carbon
  • Weight 42 Grams (with tape)
  • Aerodynamic Performance Tested at the Silverstone Wind Tunnel
  • Hand Made and Moulded in the UK
 This is the averaged data for speeds between 30-50kph across all angles tested.
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BTF-CTT-Ironman-ETU-ITU Legal / Used in UCI TT Races but not a registered item.