EZDisc are proud to partner with several companies in the biking and triathlon industry, who are at the top of their game. Find out more about them below:

Active Training World

This new partnership between EZDisc and Active Training World events as the Official Wheel Partner gives the triathlete or cyclist the perfect edge, at a fraction of the cost of a premium disc wheel. As Active Training World hosts professional, fast and competitive triathlon events, EZDisc is offering triathletes expertise and disc wheel covers that can take two minutes off a bike leg.

Triathletes taking part in triathlon events with Active Training World will benefit from product discounts, fitting service at large events and expert cycling videos supporting the race preparation.

Discount Code EZDISC10 10% reduction in ALL ATW Events.

Tri2 – Online Triathlon Coaching

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Richard and Sophie offer tailored online triathlon coaching programmes for every triathlete from beginner to elite. They have competed in countless triathlons all over the world – ranging from sprint distance to full Ironman. Between them,  they have a wealth of knowledge and experience as both triathlon coaches and athletes themselves.  So, whether you are looking for a male or female coach, or even input from us both, they’ve got you covered.

Whether you swim, bike, run or compete in triathlon, the best investment you can possibly make to improve and achieve your goals is a coach by your side.  At Tri2, they really want to get to know you and share in your personal triathlon journey. Whether you’re looking to build fitness, enter your first event or even qualify for international events such as the Ironman World Championship, they have the right online triathlon coaching programme for you.

Find out more about Tri2 by visiting them at:

Facebook @tri2org
Instagram @tri2org



In 1986, Raymound Vanstraelen founded Bioracer with a clear purpose to measure and study the athlete in motion in order to optimize cycling performance. While our business has grown from Raymond’s home to factories, research facilities and offices on three continents, our mission remains steadfast and signifies the meaning of our name and the heart of our promise to make you faster. 

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