Support James Saxby's Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Triathlon

EZ Gains are proud to be supporting James Saxby in his Guinness World Record for the “Longest Single Event - Triathlon” currently held at 375km.

Please read below and help support this meaningful cause.

It’s been 2 years since EZ Gains supported the Deca challenge, and time has flown by.


In 2022, following council cuts to funding, my friend James Simpson set out to create a provision for free youth activities for children in his hometown of Alfreton.

He did so by completing an Ironman Triathlon per day for 10 consecutive days at the “Brutal Events Deca UK”. We documented this online, and he won the event and raised a massive £13.5k.

James Simpson then raised a further £5k in 2023 through completing 5 indoor Ironmans on consecutive days, plus obtaining grants and other funding. This year, another member of the team (James Saxby) is taking over the mantle to complete an event to draw attention to this cause. 



AYUP (Alfreton Youngsters Umbrella Provision) Is the charity set up by James Simpson and is the sole funding source for free Youth Activities in Alfreton.

The Charity is centred around their objective of “supporting young people to build positive relationships, gain skills and positively impact their community." There are currently 3 weekly Youth Groups and initiatives active through AYUP, benefitting over 80 young people each week.

These include a sports club as well as other life skills such as self defence and other hobbies to name but a few. The range of activities is constantly being refreshed and we’d love to show you more.


AYUP also funds a community outreach programme, representatives are on the ground in the evenings, engaging in the local community and reaching some of the most difficult to engage young people on the streets of Alfreton.


AYUP is not a big charity, it is run by a small group of volunteers with a very focused objective in the local area. In the short time AYUP has been active, the impact in this area is measurably significant with antisocial behaviour dropping and engagement continuously growing. 


With the focus on one key area, a little goes a long way. AYUP spends £500 per week/ £2000 per month on venue hire and other associated costs to enable these sessions to happen. Our aim is to secure the future of this provision for the next 12 months by raising £25,000 from this event as a whole. Our biggest single event fundraising was £13,500, so it’s certainly a challenge! 

James Saxby has been a supporter of the previous fundraising challenges and this year will himself be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Single Event - Triathlon” currently held at 375km. This will see him swim, cycle and run over the course of 2 days (13th & 14th July 2024) without stopping for more than 5 minutes - no sleeping!

The swim will be held in the Lavender Patch (Derby) the bike will be mostly held on Darley Moor Circuit (Ashbourne) and the run will begin in Cromford (Matlock), ending at a finish line celebration in Alfreton, the town where AYUP is delivering these brilliant activities in.

There is a set ratio for the discipline distances, very roughly James is looking at a 12-15km swim, 350-400km bike and 70-100km run. 

This will be well documented by local news outlets and stakeholders, but I’ll be going all in on Social Media coverage on Instagram and YouTube. 



James Saxby might look like Wiggo, but he’s just a normal bloke from Alfreton. His son uses the AYUP Youth Club and James lives, works and trains in the local area. The cause is close to his heart and he is relatable to many who will follow this journey. 

Although James is a “normal bloke” he has been a keen triathlete for years, most recently completing “The Brutal Triathlon”, an Ironman distance Triathlon held in Llanberris, Wales, a run course which famously includes an ascent and descent of Mt Snowdon. He’s capable and he’s motivated to put Derbados and AYUP on the map with this World Record attempt. 

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