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76 Projects - 3.0 TT Mounts

76 Projects - 3.0 TT Mounts

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The Leading Computer Mount for Aero Extensions

Highly Configurable TT Mount for Computers, Lights, Cameras & CDA Devices

Building on previous versions that have been used by world, Olympic, and Ironman champions the latest 3.0 version of our TT mount features a new 'Clip' module system for fast changes between devices. A 'no-turn' computer insert is now standard and can be easily configured to suit almost any set-up and extensions.

Recommended and fitted by extension manufacturers and bike fitters including; Drag2Zero, Sync Ergonomics, 51 Speedshop, Matt Bottrill, Ivan O'Gorman.

  • Standard widths 50mm to 90mm bars centre to centre (28-68mm inside to inside).
  • Extra-wide brackets available for widths 90mm to 130mm bars centre to centre (68-108mm inside to inside). Purchase these brackets in addition to the mount.
  • 'No-turn' inserts for Garmin or Wahoo. The computer stays still whilst a lever locks the computer in place. The computer will therefore fit in narrow gaps between extensions.
  • Attaches to bars with hypalon hook and loop straps for easy adjustment (can be cut to length).
  • Fits all round profile bars and most shaped bars including Zipp Vuka, AeroCoach Angles, Sync 2.0 Evo. 
  • Right angled brackets available to fit Drag2Zero USP,  51 Speedshop Rev and other bars with near right angle inside top profiles. Purchase these brackets in addition to the mount.
  • Brackets to fit Vision TFE Pro extensions. Coming Soon. 
  • 'Clip' modules available for GoPro, Exposure Trace, band-on lights (universal), blank cover supplied as standard for. Note that 'Clip' modules only work with 3.0 Mounts.

Weight: 33g when no spacers used

Material: MJF Nylon PA12 - manufactured in house
Hypalon strap

Additional contents:

 Spacers and stainless steel screws provided to allow fine-tuning. Spacers: 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10m, 2x angle adjust. Screws: 2x M4x20(fitted), 2xM4x25, 2xM4x30, 2xM4x35, 2xM4x40.



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Thom Harrison
I have no idea, it's not arrived

I've been asked to provide a review for an item I ordered less than an hour ago. How could I possibly know whether it's any good or not given it's not reached me yet?

Hi Thom, thanks for your purchace, its an automatic email you can review it when it arrives if you choose. thanks