Jonathan Sanchez

I'm a Spanish triathlete living in South Oxfordshire for the last ten years. I work full time at Mini Plant Oxford, building the cars in the assembly line.  As a teenager, I just raced in different road races for two years but I dropped it. Six years ago, a friend challenged me to complete an Ironman and, since then, I have been training consistent and efficiently, improving year after year.

In 2022, I placed 11th at Reading Half Marathon with a time of 1:09:14 (new PB). Also I placed 12th at Outlaw Half Nottingham, and few months later, I had an overall win at Outlaw Half Holkham. In August, I raced at Ironman Copenhagen placing 7th, in 8hours 35min.

This year 2023, I'll use the EZ Chainring cover and EZ Disc Wheel Cover, they provide significant gains in the bike leg just for an affordable price and this will be essential to get success this season.

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