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EZ Gains

EZDisc Track Bikes Front-Rear-Single Speed - Handcycle

EZDisc Track Bikes Front-Rear-Single Speed - Handcycle

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EZ Disc fitted to Front & Rear Wheels - Track bikes - Single Speeds - Tricycle to make you go faster in time trials and cycling.

"Please add description of wheel in notes"

Custom engineered to fit all makes and models of wheels, brakes, and rim depth options.

(Patent Pending)

The Science "Press For Details"

  • Your EZ Gains Disc Cover for one single wheel
  • Fixing bolts – for securing the disc covers together
  • Cable ties – for fixing the disc cover to your wheel
  • Wheel Protection tape
  • 4 x valve covers – to cover the valve openings

Click on the link at the top of the page for fitting instructions.

"Front EZDisc 8 Watt Saving on Track"

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"Used in UCI races 

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