EZ Gains fitting instructions for Rimtape and Binding Screw Covers

First clean the wheel from any access dirt or grease, if this is not done the stickers will not stick.  Make sure after cleaning you then make sure no cleaning products are left on and just a raw surface is left.  You have a choice to put the rim tape on the wheel as the protective layer or high grade electrical tape. Simply lay the disc cover on the wheel in the central position and draw around this with a pencil ✏️ . Then overlap the rim tape or electrical tape by 5mm over the pencil line so when the disc cover is on it does not rub the wheel.

The rim tape is not part of the structure on the outside but can sometimes close any slight gaps and give you a very slight aero advantage "not proven" and can finish of the wheel nicely.

The best way to apply this is add the rim tape following above and then slightly go over it with a hair dryer and this with give a preferred visual effect.

With the binding screw covers, stick them central on the screw head lightly push down but for best cosmetic affect again use a hair dryer to mould with your finger over the screw.

The binding screw covers do give you the added reassurance that the screw won't come loose, I have never had this issue but some have and I would suggest if not using the binding covers check them from time to time.

Also this is possibly another aero gain.