The Science

EZ Disc-rear-front / EZAero Chainring Cover / EZ Aero Apparel

Designed & Manufactured in the UK ISO 1400/9001 accredited UK Trade Mark. UK00003553177 Disc Wheel Cover & Aero Chainring Cover Patent Pending - Mathys & Squire LLP

EZ Disc Rear Wheel 10-15 Watts

One of the first areas riders look to upgrade for aero improvements are their wheels. In time-trial and triathlon racing, many people equip their bikes with a completely covered rear wheel or a full rear disc wheel. The EZDisc has all the aero benefits of the EZDisc SL its just 1/3 heavier on average around 125g.

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EZ Disc SL 10-15 Watts

The Ultimate EZDisc (Super Lite) this product has been wind tunnel tested, rolling tested and is as fast as a top end disc wheel, also made from a polycarbonate, when combined with the correct wheel it can weigh the same as a disc wheel 300g -500g depending on EZDisc SL size this is 1/3 lighter then the original EZDisc.

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EZ Aero Chainring Cover 2- 5 Watts

EZGains has also addressed another area of the bike that can slow you down, the chain ring. Just like with your wheels, air can get caught in the open space in your chain ring resulting in drag so they created a simple, cost-efficient carbon fibre cover that slips over most setups.

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EZ Aero Front Derailleur Guard 2- 5.8 Watts

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EZ Aero Toe Covers 2 Watts +

EZ Aero Toe Covers are a BIG advantage in triathlon, as they allow you to get aero gains but not having to invest in aero shoes. EZGains tested using very aero shoes and it still gave a large gain, watts for cost these are bang on.

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EZ Calf Guards 2-5 Watts

EZ Gains introduces another EZ win, most calf guards are only aero based, but for enhanced performance and blood flow EZ Gains introduces the EZ Velotoze Aero Compression Calf Guards.

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