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76 Projects - 3.0 TT Mounts

76 Projects - 3.0 TT Mounts

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The Leading Computer Mount for Aero Extensions

Highly Configurable TT Mount for Computers, Lights, Cameras & CDA Devices

Building on previous versions that have been used by world, Olympic, and Ironman champions the latest 3.0 version of our TT mount features a new 'Clip' module system for fast changes between devices. A 'no-turn' computer insert is now standard and can be easily configured to suit almost any set-up and extensions.

Recommended and fitted by extension manufacturers and bike fitters including; Drag2Zero, Sync Ergonomics, 51 Speedshop, Matt Bottrill, Ivan O'Gorman.

  • Standard widths 50mm to 90mm bars centre to centre (28-68mm inside to inside).
  • Extra-wide brackets available for widths 90mm to 130mm bars centre to centre (68-108mm inside to inside). Purchase these brackets in addition to the mount.
  • 'No-turn' inserts for Garmin or Wahoo. The computer stays still whilst a lever locks the computer in place. The computer will therefore fit in narrow gaps between extensions.
  • Attaches to bars with hypalon hook and loop straps for easy adjustment (can be cut to length).
  • Fits all round profile bars and most shaped bars including Zipp Vuka, AeroCoach Angles, Sync 2.0 Evo. 
  • Right angled brackets available to fit Drag2Zero USP,  51 Speedshop Rev and other bars with near right angle inside top profiles. Purchase these brackets in addition to the mount.
  • Brackets to fit Vision TFE Pro extensions. Coming Soon. 
  • 'Clip' modules available for GoPro, Exposure Trace, band-on lights (universal), blank cover supplied as standard for. Note that 'Clip' modules only work with 3.0 Mounts.

Weight: 33g when no spacers used

Material: MJF Nylon PA12 - manufactured in house
Hypalon strap

Additional contents:

 Spacers and stainless steel screws provided to allow fine-tuning. Spacers: 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10m, 2x angle adjust. Screws: 2x M4x20(fitted), 2xM4x25, 2xM4x30, 2xM4x35, 2xM4x40.



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