EZ Aero Chainring Cover Fitting Instructions

How to Install your EZ Aero Chainring Cover 

Take your chainring, your EZ Aero Chainring Cover (EZ-ACC) and quality double sided tape (we recommend 3M) 
  • Best results remove crank "but this is not essential" 
  • Remove pedal, practice lining up EZ-ACC. Use pencil and ruler if needed to locate centre point, and if possible mark round with a marker.
  • Clean chainring with wipe, remove any grease, wipe with cloth and dry.
  • Line up EZ-ACC, remove tape cover and press down firmly to secure the tape for 30-60 seconds making sure all points have made contact. Adjust slightly if needed.
  • It takes 24h for the tape to set. Over this period make sure every point has taken firmly.


To Remove:  

When using new tape please clean off all old tape from the EZ-ACC. Apply new tape and allow 24h to set before fitting on chainring again.

NOTE: International packages will not have the tape fitted due to temperature changes in transit which can cause the tape to peel off leaving the exposed adhesive. Please apply tape round the edge ensuring the best fit.