EZ Aero Chainring Cover Fitting Instructions

How to Install your EZ Aero Chainring Cover

  • Remove pedal, practice lining up EZ-ACC use pencil and ruler if needed to locate centre point.
  • Clean Chainring with wipe, remove any grease, wipe with cloth and dry.
  • Line up EZ-ACC, remove M3 tape cover and press down firmly to secure M3 tape for 30-60secounds and make sure all points have made contact, slightly adjust if needed.
  • It takes 24h for M3 to set. Over this period make sure every point has taken firmly.

To Remove: Use plastic utensil provided to remove from Chainring, spare tape is supplied, when using new tape please clean all old tape of EZ-ACC apply new tape and allow 24h to set before fitting on Chainring again. Two styles of M3 Tape are provided depending on which chainring you have.  10mm Wide x 1mm or 2mm thick.