EZ Disc for Front Wheel - Fitting Instructions

Equipment and tools:

  • EZDisc covers
  • EZDisc fixing packs
  • Snips
  • For those with disc brakes you may need an allen key, crank tool or a specific tool for removing brake callipers.

Step 1

Please add electrical tape or rim tape where the disc meets the wheel “contact point” this will avoid any possible marks, this has happened on a few occasion so I would recommend using rim tape.

Please also check the tape every few rides just to make sure it has not perished.

Step 2

Align the cut-out on the disc with your valve as centrally as possible, whilst lining up the drive side cable tie holes. Tape into place.


Step 3

Offer up the other side disc so that the holes for the retaining screws, around the outer edge, align to the corresponding holes on the drive side.


Step 4

Remove the non-drive side disc. Then secure the disc with at least 4 cable ties to the most aligned spokes. Pull each cable tie a little and work around them in sequence until fully secured and pulled tight so there is no movement, make sure you still have access to the valve.

Please check the cable ties on occasion to make sure they are still secure.


Step 5

Finally, re-align the non-drive side and secure both sides using the retaining screws.

Add circles provided to fill the gab from the hub to the EZ Disc "hairdryer helps mould to shape"

Add rim tape if required if you choose.