What bikes/ bike wheels are the disc covers compatible with?

The disc covers are compatible with the majority of road and time trial bikes with 650 – 700c wheels. If you are looking for a disc cover for your track or fixed wheel bike, please contact me first to discuss your needs.

How much extra speed can I expect?

The aero testing shows an increase of:

– 1:00 to 1:30 minutes over 40km
– 2:30 to 3:00 minutes over 90km
– 5:00 to 6:00 minutes over 180km

Roughly an increase of 1 – 2 kph.

Vist The Science for our wind tunnel results, Testimonials for more reviews, and see our facebook group chat for real chat from our users.

What happens if the disc does not fit or I am not satisfied?

Please contact us, we'll help.

Would I need to take the disc cover off?

Some people would suggest to remove a disc wheel or disc covers in windy conditions, however the wind actually increases the effect of the disc and therefore your speed. So we would say, never take it off and practice in the wind.

What is in the pack?

Everything you need to set up your EZDisc:

– Disc Covers
– Binding screws
– Cable ties
– Electrical tape
– Valve covers

Why do I need rim tape?

Rim tape (electrical tape) can be put between where you wheel meets the disc cover. This helps to protect from any marks being formed due to the friction between the wheel and disc cover.

Simply put a pencil line around the disc on the wheel and overlap your rim tape (electrical tape) on this line.


Truths and Facts ?


1) You will go faster using an EZ Disc regardless of speed as long as you cycle over 25kph. If you take longer to cycle a distance an EZ Disc will save more time then someone doing it faster.

2) EZ Disc adds to the structure of the your wheel giving you more stability and adds to your road handling ability.

3) In windy conditions an EZ Disc does not feel any worse to control then a deep section wheel. In fact the reports I have had back, again say this has added to the stability of the bike @that.tri.guy and many others have reported this.

4) The difference between a disc wheel and an EZ Disc is a matter of seconds over 40k.....But using a cheap disc wheel with a cheap hub, will be slower then using an EZ Disc with a wheel and decent hub.

5) Very EZ to install and very robust unlike a disc wheel.


EZ Discs are legal for Cycling Time Trials and Triathlon ?


RULES ON EZ Disc Covers.


14. Competitor's Machine
Every competitor must ensure that their machine is so constructed, equipped and maintained as to be capable of being ridden on the road safely at all times and in all conditions. The riding position shall be set so that the competitor has good forward vision when in a competitive position. In particular but without prejudice to the general principles of this regulation:

(f) Disc wheels or spoked wheels fitted with covers may be used only on the rear of a machine.


Also my personal opinion is that we live is a sad world, if we were to discriminate against young athletes or lower wage athletes who can not afford a disc wheel.


Should I use tape around the edge of the disc cover?

This is not strictly needed but is believed may give you an extra marginal gain.

You can use the rim tape around the wheel to protect it, or you can use the electric tape and use the rim tape supplied for the outside.

An easy way to apply the rim tape or electrical tape is place the EZ Cover on the wheel in a central position and draw round this with a pencil and then overlap this line with the tape or rim tape by about 3-5mm to protect the wheel.

Should I use tape dots on the binding screws?

Again, this is not strictly needed but is believed may give you an extra marginal gain.

What length binding screws do I need? and what if I have the wrong length?

The binding screws should pinch the disc tight against the wheel, but not pull the disc in.

If you feel you could use a shorter or longer binding screw, please contact me and I will send some out.

What tools are needed to install?

Chain whip and a cassette remover only. If you have a wheel with disc brakes, you will also need to remove the disc calliper which is usually removed using a cassette remover.


Please refer to our detailed Fitting Instructions for each of our products via the top menu.


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