Ben Redman

I came into triathlon on the back of having been rowing for roughly 12 years. Towards the end of that I was racing as a lightweight. I represented both Wales and England (I'm half Welsh, half English), won age group World Championships and national age group Championships both indoors and on the water.

I tried triathlon and time trial cycling and liked the complexity of both the training and racing, and the better age group system. 

Qualified for the age group Duathlon World Championships in my second race and eventually learnt to swim reasonably well - I really liked seeing my progression which is something I really hadn't seen in rowing for a long time.

I was the British Champion in the standard distance triathlon and English sprint distance Champion in 2019 in my age category. I was also 2nd in European Aquabike Championships in 2018 in my age group. 

I'm a better cyclist than anything else on triathlon and have done a 10 mile time trial under 20 minutes. 

The British time trial scene is quite fun with a lot of innovation and people trying all sorts to improve their aerodynamics, although it's a bit more limited than triathlon in terms of what the regulations allow. I have learnt a lot about what's important to go fast from it.

It can get costly, so it's important to balance speed gains against cost to make the most of what you're willing to spend on a hobby. That's where I think the EZGains products are brilliant; they are right up there as the best watts per pound/dollar that I think you can get.

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