Donald Brooks

Based in the Southwest, Donald comes from a background in competitive swimming and Underwater Hockey (Octopush) which, over a 20-year period, saw him competing at an international level at multiple European and World championships within the GB Elite and Masters Teams.

In 2014 at the age of 37, Donald fancied a new challenge and decided to try his hand at triathlon. He entered a local event and came a respectable 14th and was hooked. He has been racing triathlon and multisport events ever since, solidifying himself as one of the very best age-group athletes in the world across multiple distances.

In 2022 Donald won all five British Championship age group titles, gaining recognition from British Triathlon as they do not believe this has ever been accomplished before.

Donald also won his age group at 2 x world championships and 2 x European championships. He has also had overall wins at Ironman 70.3 Weymouth and the Long Course Weekend in Tenby over the full Ironman distance, taking the course record in the process.

He also raced a sub 4 hour 70.3 at the Outlaw half Nottingham in 3:56:45. Donald has shown his versatility by securing the overall race wins at every distance from Super Sprint to full Ironman at National and International level events during the 2022 season, he does this while balancing his training and racing along with a full-time job in the electrical industry and help from a supportive wife and two young boys.

Donald puts some of his success down to his strong bike leg where he uses both his EZ Chainring cover and EZ Disc Wheel Cover to achieve those aerodynamic gains.

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