Matthew Collins
I'm looking to turn pro this year and am in my final year of university at Loughborough studying Mathematics and Sports Science. I have been doing triathlon since I was 6 as my Dad was the coach of the local tri club and I have enjoyed working my way up through the age groups. I Stopped doing draft legal racing at 16 as I was better and more passionate about long course racing. Then focused on middle distance post covid and have been slowly improving ever since. The aim is to eventually make it to the top level of professional triathlon.
The product: As a student I'm looking for best value for money from all my products. So when you compare EZ Disc to a disc there is absolutely no reason to not pick ez disc when you look at the data and see how comparable they are.
2nd AG IM70.3 Worlds
1st BUCS Standard 
2nd BUCS Duathlon 
6th Outlaw Half Nottingham 
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