Alex Harrison
I’m Alex Harrison and I compete at National and GB age group level in triathlon.

I originally was a high level club swimmer before transitioning into triathlons in 2017. In the last 6 years I have finished in the top ten at the European and World sprint triathlon Champs, and have won two silvers and a gold at the National champs. A recent highlight was a silver medal in the mixed relay at the Montreal World Champs in 2022.

I first met Clint at a local triathlon, and we got talking about EZ discs. Initially I was a bit skeptical and usually use my Zipp 404 wheels for racing. However, I was genuinely amazed with the added aero advantage I gained in using the EZ disc system. It’s really easy to fit, the finish is great and it’s far cheaper than buying a solid disc wheel, as well as giving you options on race day due to variable weather. I am gaining more speed for less watts, for a bargain price. I have also used the EZ disc on some local TT events and had significant interest from other competitors. I’m also using the aero chainring cover. I like the optional additional decals you can buy to match your bike, and for spotting your bike in transition!
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