Pawel Celinski

As a teenager, I was always super active and practiced various sports, but I never did anything professionally. It wasn't until I turned 30 that I felt something was escaping me and I started to gradually return to the sport. From a person working hard full-time, not physically active, I decided to do Ironman in 3 years. Conscientiously practicing and implementing the plan under the guidance of coaches from Im Inspiration, I achieved my goal and qualified for the AG World Long Distance Championships in 2020.
Despite the pandemic, I was training all the time, believing that I would be able to do something that didn't even exist in my head a few years ago. Like most starts in 2020, the Championships were postponed to 2021. I trained for the next year to the max, and at the end, due to the high risk of travel, I decided to postpone my participation in the dream competitions to the next year. In 2022, the World Championships were to be held in Austala, for which I did not have the financial means.
Tired of training for several years, hopeless financial situation, I was willing to give up fighting for my dreams. The situation changed when the Australia Championships were postponed to Slovakia in Salmorin. I returned to full training and this time I managed to go to the World Championships and finish it in 6th place AG. Just one month after the World Championships, I went to the Netherlands for the European Long Distance Triathlon Championships and finished 5th AG. I am currently training for the 2023 World Championships in Ibiza 
My greatest sports achievements: 
- 2022 – World Championship AG Long distance Slovakia Samorin – 6th AG 
- 2022 – European Championship AG Long distance Holland Almare – 5th AG 
- 2022 - A DAY IN THE LEAKS - ULSWATER TRIATHLON UK - 2nd over all 
- 2021 - Goole Sprint Tri - 1st AG 
- 2019 - Goole Sprint Tri - 1st AG 
- 2019 - Driffield Sprint Tri - 1st AG 
Why do I like EZ Gains? 
Currently, I train about 15 hours a week and work about 40 hours. I am a father, a husband and I am repaying the house loan J After the last great season, in order to be able to develop and train at the highest level, I had to change my bike to a more professional one.
As always, it was necessary to take into account the budget and not to exceed the already exceeded financial lines. J The EZ Gains company was recommended to me by one of my great friends who is a legend in cycling.
The quality of the product, ease of assembly and affordable price made the costs really low compared to the prices of most drives. Watts per price is really shocking. Thanks to Clinton, I can join an amazing group of people and be part of a team of people who believe that the impossible does not exist. I can't wait to see what 2023 brings and what I can achieve with EZ Gains.
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