Maxence May
21 years old - Triathlete to the Nissa Triathlon team (city of Nice) 
Swimmer of French national level until 2017 then became triathlete in 2018. 
After having multiple finals at the young French championships I found myself stuck by my size in swimming I naturally headed for the triathlon 100% 2 years ago.
This year 2022 was promising followed by good performances:
IRONMAN World Championship 70.3 in ST GEORGE UTAH, performed in category (18-24 years) with a time of 4:04, where I take the 11th place at 6mn of the 1st and 56th PROS/AMATEURS combined. Before that I won the IRONMAN 70.3 of Aix en Provence in 18/24 years, 4th on the triathlon L of Embrun, 2nd on triathlon of Nevers just behind the world champion of DUATHLON POWERMAN, 4th on the Triathlon L of NARBONNE, for my first season on the long distance circuit!
Pushed by my entourage, but also by my professional triathlete friends and by my personal convictions to do everything to get a long distance professional license in the near future.
At only 21 years old it is still premature to cross the threshold but thanks to my performances I hope I had the opportunity to pass triathlete for my season 2024 and therefore I am putting together this project with all my entourage.
EZ Gains will be of my partners for a long time I hope 😉
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