NEW EZ Disc SL “Super Lite”

NEW EZ Disc SL “Super Lite”

This month we are introducing our new EZ Disc SL“Super Lite”. EZ Gains has teamed up with Velotoze to bring you some cost-effective Watts!! EZ Gains will be testing these products in January at Silverstone.

We're excited to announce that we will be bringing along some of the top UK athletes to help with the testing of the Toe Covers, Aero Helmet cover, as well as tests on the new EZ Disc SL “Super Lite”.

EZ Gains has also seen Chris Start join the team. A triathlete and a swim teacher, Chris will be heading up operations/Marketing. We have also seen the launch of Buzzbassador, the Ambassador programme which we launched last month and teamed up with Active Training World for 2023.

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EZ Gains are sponsors of the English Middle-Distance Championships at Grafham Water… what a Biggy. This will have some hot competition with the EZ Gains athletes alone, with possible prize money up for grabs!! Don't forget Mallory Park Duathlon on January 22nd, again some big names attending on the day, and you get to see the ATW ambassadors go up against the EZ gains ambassadors.

Aerobar aerodynamic cover testing
december 21, 2022 bendredman HYPERLINK ""aerodynamics, bike, cycling, duathlon, triathlon
Over time we’ve seen a widespread acceptance of different forms of raised hand positions for aerobars, ranging from minor angles for comfort, to “praying mantis” in the hope of better aerodynamics.

In the last couple of years we’ve seen various forms of single piece aerobars which appear to be designed to improve aerodynamics combined with these raised bar positions.

Not being shy at EZGains of trying to save some watts without splashing out a great wad of money (these can cost over £3000), we thought we’d try an attachment to see if it gave us any aerodynamic gains.

3D printed prototype

This is a 3D printed prototype, designed to not just cover the aerobars, but also the arms. The hope was that this would smooth airflow and would overcome the extra frontal area this entailed.

Testing this in the wind tunnel at Silverstone showed some modest improvements, mostly when the direction of the wind was at an angle. At 45kph it averaged out across the yaw angles, as a 3 watt gain.

It’s only a prototype and not yet enough to put into production, but it is encouraging that there are gains to be had with further refinement. With the cockpit setups, they will obviously perform slightly differently as these are much more personal than wheels, and can be set up differently for each rider, which could potentially involve some significant drag reduction.


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