Luke Ashburner

Based in Nottingham in the East Midland, UK,  I live with my wife, Ruth and our 2 dogs Sully and Buzz!

Day to day I am a sales manager for a healthcare company, coaching and guiding my sale team which is spread across North Europe. It keeps me very busy!

I grew up really enjoying all sports and trying my hand at anything and everything but my passion was martial arts, gaining my black belt in Judo and kickboxing at the age of 16. I was hooked on the training and following the process of improvement from a young age but didn’t like the formal competitions and struggled with my nerves.   Its strange saying that now because I am extremely competitive and thrive of it!  Id race every week if I could!

It's fair to say I lost my way a bit in my 20s and then in an attempt to get fit for my wedding I started back at the gym and a friend invited me to a local sprint tri at the end of 2016. I was an ok runner at this stage, but swimming was done breaststroke and I used an old heavy hybrid bike with mudguards and reflectors! Still I was hooked and the triathlon bug was well under my skin!

I've worked with a coach now since 2019 and have seen some huge improvements and some great results and podiums.  Including GB age group qualification and multiple 1st place and podiums at the sprint distance, a 3rd place at Belvoir Castle 70.3  and a 2:57 standalone marathon at London.   

I have also completed the Outlaw full distance alongside multiple 70.3 distance races.  In preparation for these races and all triathlons I found my local cycling clubs time trial league extremely valuable in improving my bike performance for these races.  This is where I first started looking for ways to get faster on the bike!  Bikes and bike parts are so expensive and that’s where I found EZ Gains and started to look into their products.  I noticed and immediate improvement in my TT and triathlon bike split performance with the disc cover and have since added the chain ring cover.   

During 2023 I look forward to racing at Challenge Roth as my A race, as well as lots of UK racing!  Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard! 😉

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