Ryan McRae

Short Bio

As a child, I was limited in physical activity due to an eye injury that left me blind in my right eye. I picked up playing lacrosse in grade school, utilized the opportunity to gain admission into a renowned boarding school where I played varsity lacrosse all 4-years, and ultimately earned a scholarship to play lacrosse at University - whilst also earning a degree in Sport and Fitness Management. I dipped into the duathlon world during University which is where my initial interest in the endurance world started. The COVID-19 pandemic hit as I was graduating from University which coincidentally ended all opportunities I had lined up following graduation. My father introduced me to triathlon as a means to start living a healthier lifestyle following a rather unhealthy lifestyle during the early months of the pandemic. 


Why I like using the EZ Gainz Products

I like the EZ Gainz products because they bring elite-level technologies to the amateur-level athletes with their prices and quality. The EZ Disc 1 has been massively beneficial to my intermediate and long distance races, and the proof is in the results. The guys are super personable and are always willing to help out whenever an issue/question comes up.


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