Ferre Berghmans
My name is Ferre Berghmans. I'M 12 years old and living in Belgium, in the Flemish part. I have been a triathlete for 4 years now and I also go to sports school. In the past I already have made many podiums. I already took the Victory in the Roermond City triathlon. Now I race for a team from Leuven, TDL.
I like biking that's why I chose it in school. I also search for the best sports equipment to help me on my journey. I came in contact with EZ gains and found some great gains for an affordable price.
I'm looking forward to bike and train a lot with my EZ Gains products, it will make me a better and faster biker! Proud to be now an ambassador for EZ Gains. Thank you also EZ Gains for believing in me as a young athlete!
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