Giles Heaman

Having all his own teeth and a large collection of budgie smugglers, Giles can be considered one of Weymouth's most eligible Bachelors. As a more 'mature' athlete, Giles has won European middle distance AG gold, Outlaw full and half AG wins alongside many other smaller victories. He has raced at Ironman World Champs and 70.3 world champs and was recently 5th AG at standard distance world champs in Abu Dhabi. His main sporting aim is to once again move out of The Don's Age Group, so that he can have a chance of winning some more titles.

I love the EZ-Gains products as they represent incredible bang for your buck. The ability to get wind tunnel tested aero gains at a fraction of the price is a real no brainer. I originally bought the ez-disc because I couldn't afford a disc wheel. I can now easily afford a disc wheel but why would I bother.

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Gains Without The Cost

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